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Sharaab (aka Atlanta producer Saurabh Bose) is credited as one of the pioneers of fusing the burgeoning electronica genre with exotic eastern vibes in the mid-90s. Now based out of DC, Sharaab continues to push the boundaries of Asian Underground music as he has done for over 2 decades. In this tenure, Sharaab has released six studio albums as well as licensing music to dozens of international major and independent labels. Sharaab has also worked with a host of luminary music artists including Talvin Singh, Ming & FS, Karsh Kale, The MIDIVal Pundtiz, DJ Spooky, Vishal Vaid, Ustad Liaqat Ali Khan, David "Duke Mushroom" Schommer and Lee Richards (Godsmack).

Sharaab has designed sound for documentary film, theater and video games. He has also been featured in magazines and blogs such as XLR8R, Re:GEN, Eastern Eye UK, Creative Loafing, Hub, Mantram Magazine, Ethnotechno, Indian Electronica, Sea of Tranquility, Music for Robots and Global Rhythm. Sharaab was featured as a BBC Introducing Artist in 2011, has reached the top 10 in the World charts on CMJ and has been on regular rotation on radio stations such as BBC, KCRW, WRAS and WREK.

In 2018, Sharaab plans to introudce his unique sound to a new generation of electronic music fans eager for originality and authenticity in a rapidly devolving and formulaic genre.



55 M St NE

Apt PH248
Washington, DC 2002

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